"Pixel Paintings" are high-resolution composite images that are a benchmark of color, clarity, and narrative. Be marketing, fine art and/or decorative images, the narrative power of pixel paintings can be unleashed in many ways.


Their ultimate purpose? To communicate, raise awareness, raise funds, and promote knowledge about current issues that communities are facing all over the world. More powerful than video, these images tell the full story of a place in one single frame.


To create the 400-megapixel image above, 95 photos were selected from a total of 2500 photos that were captured over a period of  3 days. After the images were selected, a combination of software and techniques were used to meticulously assemble this narrative-rich composite image.  


PROJECT: Ciudad De Aves

CLIENT: Policlínica Metropolitana

LOCATION: Caracas, Venezuela

BY: Gustavo Moser, Francois Montalant, Flix, Leopoldo Moser

Our first Pixel Painting project. This hospital commissioned 4 artists to create a decorative art piece that would serve as a distraction for the patients waiting in the lobby. The image is full of details and elements that make it visually engaging. It depicts birds, airplanes, cars, people, and all the familiar landmarks of that view of the city of Caracas. After 4 years, the piece still hangs in the wall of the lobby doing what it was meant to do. Tell a story.