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PROJECT: Like a Dream

LOCATION: Auyan Tepui, Canaima National Park, Venezuela.

BY: Gustavo Moser

In 2014, seven friends coordinated a never before seen rock-climbing expedition to the top of Auyan Tepui in Venezuela. The mission was to escape the world and develop rock climbing routes in one of the most secluded and less explored areas of South America. For 21 days they were submerged in a spiritual journey that eventually inspired the birth of a sustainability project whose goal is to empower rock climbing and sustainable adventure tourism in Venezuela.

This expedition marked the beginning of the ongoing Tepui Project. 



PROJECT: The Enterprise Mill


BY: Gustavo Moser

Built in 1848, The Enterprise Mill has adapted and changed alongside human evolution. It first opened as a cotton processing mill whos textile machines were powered by the waters of the Augusta Canal. Nowadays, 170 years later, the building maintains its relationship with the canal whos water now spins hydroelectric turbines that provide electricity to the residential and commercial spaces of the building as well as generating a surplus of energy that gets channeled into the electric grid of Augusta, Georgia. The building is an exemplary model of sustainability. 

PROJECT: Zion Earth Workz


BY: Leopoldo Moser

Bees are undoubtedly one of the most important living organisms of any ecosystem. Their role in nature as pollinators puts them at the top of the list as an insect that must be respected and protected; by saying this, we don't mean to undermine the importance of every species that inhabits the earth. But, the mission of bees is so critical, that without them, the food source of hundreds of other species would disappear. Bees are the bridge that produces the food that we harvest from plants, and we are determined to covering their story and documenting the vision of all projects that involve the art of Apiculture.