"Pixel Paintings" are high-resolution composite images that serve as a benchmark of color, clarity, and narrative. A mix of marketing, fine art and decorative images, the narrative power of pixel paintings can be unleashed in many ways.


Their most worthy mission? To communicate, raise awareness, raise funds, and promote knowledge about current issues that communities are facing all over the world. More powerful than video, these images tell the full story of a place in one single frame.


PROJECT: Bridge Day in one frame 

LOCATION: Lafayette, West Virginia

BY: Gustavo Moser, Leopoldo Moser

For one day, every year, a small town in West Virginia organizes one of the most intense festivals in the world. B.A.S.E jumpers come from near and far to take advantage of a 24-hour lift on the "no jump" ban that is usually in place at the bridge. 

People, planes, B.A.S.E jumpers, a train and even a butterfly compose this  340 Megapixels image that captures the dynamics of this energy-packed that day.